Glass furniture

We most often use glass elements for the production of wardrobes and custom reception or bar counters. The wardrobes have a body made of high-pressure laminate HPL 4 and 8 mm. For glass doors and other cladding elements, we commonly use tempered glass 8 mm thick, on which the edges and polished sides are chamfered.

In the production of custom reception and bar counters, we most often apply glass elements 6 - 8 mm thick. Glass finishing is done by ceramic printing and can be combined with light elements to great effect.

According to the technical specifications, we can also supply other custom-made glass furniture elements, such as shelves, table tops, display cases, etc.

Construction elements

All additional constructions are made of stainless steel AISI 316L or aluminum with anodized finish.

Suitable use

- facilities for sports grounds, swimming pools, aquaparks, wellness, fitness, solariums, spa facilities
- hotels, restaurants
- administrative buildings