Glass facades

Glass is an ideal material for exterior cladding on buildings. Glass facades give a modern and stylish appearance and can be used in combination with most other building materials. It is an ecological, recyclable material. Ensures maximum durability and above-standard lifespan while requiring minimal maintenance. In combination with ceramic printing, the facades become almost a work of art.

Construction elements

As standard, we install 8 mm thick tempered glass facade anchored on stainless steel fittings. We most often anchor with targets, assembly crosses (spiders - one, two, three or four arms). The installation can also be solved by fixing to U-profiles on the base grate or by special gluing to base HPL boards. All additional constructions are made of stainless steel AISI 316L.

We assemble units from boards up to 1600 x 3000 mm. Glass facades are often combined with use of light sources (backlight / backlight).

Advantages of glass facade

- effectively dampens ambient noise
- transmits light
- provides protection against falls
- adjusts the air flow
- requires minimal maintenance