Glass doors

As standard, we produce glass doors from tempered glass 10 mm thick in combination with stainless steel or aluminum fittings with anodised finish. They resistant to the wear and tear of everyday use, scratches and humid environments. The possibilities of printing are almost unlimited (photo reproduction, vector graphics). When applying effect printing, the subject may be partially transparent or different on both sides (different reverse / face graphics). You can use clear glass and decors satinato, bronze, dark grey or almost any colour shade.

In exceptional cases, we offer custom processing of the motif by top designers, with the option of being hand-painted.

Construction elements

We supply glass doors as single-leaf or double-leaf in dimensions of 600 - 1,600 mm. They can be anchored on hinges or installed as sliding. Additional constructions are made of AISI 316L steel with a natural anodized or imitation stainless steel finish. We install stainless steel or aluminum hinges on the door in at least 2 pieces. They are also equipped with a handle or doorknob.

Suitable use

- apartment interiors
- office space, public buildings, institutions
- swimming pools, aqua parks, wellness and fitness centres, rehabilitation, massages parlours
- restaurants, hotels