Glass door

Glass door

Material design of glass doors 10 mm thick tempered safety glass with chamfered edges and polished sides, combined with stainless steel or aluminum accessories with anodized finish.The glass with printed motif, made on the Rho Vetrocer printer with inorganic ceramic inks resistant to scratch and damp environment. Print resolution up to 800 dpi. Motifs can be selected from our database here or from the range available at the architect, we even provide the option of customised motifs processed by our graphic designer. Various individual options of glass decorations, e.g. satinato, clear.


Structural Elements:

  • Any additional metal structures are made of AISI 316L stainless steel or aluminum with anodized or imitation stainless steel surface treatment.
  • Stainless steel or aluminum hinges always 2pc on the door or swivel with self-closing (crank, ball or handle)

Suitable applications:

  • doors for office premises
  • door to all parts of the interior
  • Water parks and pools
  • Background wellness centers, fitness clubs, hotels, and where customers demand design with an emphasis on individual solution of premises
  • Rehabilitation and massage
  • Spa facilities