Garden architecture

Garden architecture

Garden Architecture includes small architectural features that have a decorative function.
These include, among others, fountains, sculptures, rocks, and glass with the Image Glass motif. This element perfectly fits into garden vegetation and outlines a new level of ornamental garden.


Material design of decorative tempered glass from thickness 6 to 10 mm in combination with individual motifs with a stainless steel or aluminum system of anchoring elements usually embedded in a concrete base.

The maximum size of the glass plate is 3000 x 1600 mm.

The glass with printed motif is made on the Rho Vetrocer printer with inorganic ceramic inks resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, scratch and damp environment. Print resolution up to 800 dpi. Motifs  can be selected from our database here or from the range available at the architect, we even provide the option of customised motifs processed by our graphic designer results in individual design of garden architecture.

Structural Elements:

  • All metal supplementary structures are made of stainless steel AISI 316L or aluminum profiles with elox surface.