About Us

About Us

Company Frajt represents on the Czech market stable and prosperous company, from the establishment specializes in premium commercial and interior equipment. During the whole period of existence builds and expands program for equipment leisure centers, water parks, swimming pools and spa facilities, the basic philosophy is to provide services and products in top quality.

In order to use fulfill this intention, the company bet on own independence production with a minimum of subcontracting companies.


  • Complete processing and digital ceramic glass printing
  • Manufacture of tempered safety glass (ESG)
  • Design services and support for creating motifs / glass decorations
  • Consultancy services in the field of fittings and accessories for glass
  • Making visualizations
  • Interior measurements at the customer place
  • Delivery and installation
  • Service

Company Frajt s.r.o. is fully equipped for processing and printing on glass:

  • CNC cutting table
  • Vertical glass edge grinding machine
  • Vertical glass drilling machine
  • CNC machining center
  • Vertical washing machine Malnati for flat glass
  • Horizontal washing machine NEPTUN for flat glass before printing
  • Ceramic printer Rho Vetrocer 160 for glass printing
  • Horizontal hardening furnace NORTH GLASS
  • Graphic studio for glass print processing
  • Engineering department to provide technical support

Providing comprehensive customer service is a matter of course for us.



It is the right choice for decorating glass elements. Ceramic digital glass printing is a breakthrough technology that replaces conventional screen printing that has been used in the industry so far to create a unique design as desired by the client.

Thanks to our own development and construction departments company portfolio includes original high quality products in the field of glass processing, for individual sale,and solutions the whole investment projects. Sales department provides investors, designers and operators supporting advisory services.


Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation

Our company is implementing a project entitled “Innovation in the manufacturing process of glass interior elements”
reg.no. CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_014/0000401, which is co-financed by the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, ie from the sources of the European Union and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

The subject of the project is the acquisition of a unique technology for the production of innovative tempered glass with ceramic printing. The innovative glass and the technological process of their production are the result of our own research and development of the company, Frajt s.r.o.

Innovated toughened glass has improved technical specifications and utility value. Like the production process, the product is unique in the Czech Republic and Central European region. The goal of the project is the economic growth of the company, which will lead to the consolidation of market position, but also to expansion to new markets in the EU and beyond, through an increase in product quality.

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