• Complete processing and digital ceramic printing on glass
  • Production of tempered safety glass (ESG)
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Production of hardened glass

We offer our customers processing and production tempered safety glass (ESG).
Of course, washing glasses before the hardening process, the vertical glass cleaner MALNATI perfectly cleans the glass from any dirt.

náhrobní desky
The hardening furnance is capable of quenching glass with a thickness of 5 – 19 mm
min. glass size: 300×200 mm
max. glass size: 3000×1600 mm

We also offer custom-hardening glass provided, including transport services

The heat treatment will result in high impact resistance and thermal shock, and high heat resistance will ensure the use of glass in demanding conditions such as swimming pools, wellness, saunas or kitchens, partition walls, all-glass doors or facades.

Print options

The breakthrough glass printing technology provided by Frajt replaces the existing screen printing methods employed in the industry so far. The new digital printing machine ensures unbelievable application of inorganic ceramic inks to mate with the glass surface after hardening at temperatures up to 700 °C.
The maximum printing resolution is 800 DPI with adjustable printing drop size.
The resulting product is a high performance, UV-resistant glass, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant glass plate.

Ceramic inks are always applied to one (air) side of the glass plate. The second (tin) side of the glass is always visible with a glossy effect.

Double vision effect

It is a very attractive glass print, the area contains several layers with transparent perforation, resulting visual effect are different motifs with transparent patterns on each side of the glass.

Double vision effect

Double vision

This type of glass printing is very popular, for example, for doors or partition walls, the surface contains several layers, the resulting visual effect being different motifs on each side of the glass.

Double vision

Tiling print

The print area contains 2 layers, 1. Motif, and 2. white layer that serves to cover, the adhesive. Standard for saunas, kitchens and wall banners.

Obkladový tisk

Basic print

This is a standard print design, the glass surface contains 1 layer with a motif. The motif may also be semi-transparent. Appropriate application for interior doors, shower enclosures and partition walls.

Základní tisk

Partial print

The glass area contains only a partial print coverage to 15%, 85% of the glass remains transparent. This method is used in applications partly transparent or opaque appearance.

Základní tisk

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