Glass headstones

Glass headstones

For most widespread epigraphic monuments in our environment can be considered tombstones.
Trendem dnešní doby jsou skleněné náhrobní desky, označující místa posledního odpočinku našich nejbližších, dotvářejí obraz a vzpomínku o kterou nechceme přijít.
The trend today is glass tombstones, marking the last resting place of our loved ones, complete the picture and the memory you want to keep.
Digital ceramic glass printing technology ensures detailed photo processing, guarantees color fastness and scratch resistance. Of course there is a high resistance to weather and impact.

náhrobní desky

Material design of tempered glass tombstone thickness 5 to 19 mm in combination with individual motifs, inscriptions and citation.

The maximum size of the glass plate is 3000 x 1600 mm.

The glass with printed motif is made on the Rho Vetrocer printer with inorganic ceramic inks resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, scratch and damp environment. Print resolution up to 800 dpi. Motifs can be selected from our database here or we can provide the option of adding custom motifs with processed by our graphic designer.

The glass plate may be inserted in the milled tombstone parts or attached by stainless steel parts.